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Working with Julie and the CarrConsult Network

Through her successful career as a business owner, television, radio, and podcasting host, and public speaker, CarrConsult's founder and CEO Julie Lyles Carr has worked with many top business leaders and celebrity clients. She holds psychology and English literature degrees, a. unique combination that provides an intrinsic understanding of what makes people tick and what questions to ask. As a former television journalist, she has extensive research experience. She specializes in non-fiction in business, relationships, personal development, historical works, narrative in personal memoirs, and biography. She additionally is an accomplished fiction writer.

Julie has written with such publishers as HarperCollins, Simon and Schuster, Hachette, Abingdon Press, and Penguin Random House. As a business content consultant, she has worked with leading organizations in the healthcare industry, data management, financial services, media, and the non-profit world. In addition to her writing and consulting services, Julie helps coach and develop ghost and collaborative writers, provides book coaching to select clients, and develops podcast content for several chart-topping podcasts.

Her own books include a best-selling non-fiction book on parenting, Raising an Original. Her weekly podcast features thought leaders, authors, musical artists, and entertainment industry leaders, including film directors and actors.

Julie works personally with a few select clients a year and, through her CarrConsult network, can help connect you to today's top storytellers, wordsmiths, speakers, marketers, voice talent...whatever you need to tell your best story. Get in touch below and let us know how we can help you with your project.

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